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2011 MCB [ISSN: 1556-5297(printed) 1556-5300 (online)]


Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics
1 volume, 4 issues (2011, Vol. 8, Nos. 1-4)

The field of biomechanics concerns with motion, deformation, and forces in biological systems. With the explosive progresses in molecular biology, genomic engineering, and nanotechnology, it become apparent that biomechanics focusing on single molecules or single cells is an important aspect of modern biological sciences. As one of the most prominent cell biologists and President of the U.S. National Academy of Science Dr. Bruce Alberts pointed out, a cell is a collection of protein machine and all biological functions of life derives from the structure and the ordered conformational changes of several protein assemblies or assemblies of several cell types in a spatially orchestrated extracellular matrix (Cell, Vol. 92, 291-294, February, 1998). The aims of this journal are to facilitate the studies of the mechanics of biomolecules including proteins and nucleic acid and the mechanics of single cells (and their interactions with extracellular matrix).

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